Maestro-Gro Natural ONE Sea Mist

$ 6.15

The most powerful, most effective, full spectrum liquid seaweed product available anywhere.

NaturalONE 1-1-1 Sea Mist

A triple strength formula that utilizes several seaweed varieties and other potent attributes to create an overwhelming synergistic effect suitable for all growing applications.


Super Liquid Seaweed is great for:

 Root development

 Seed germination

 Bloom set (as in tomatoes)

 Blossom and fruit development

 Fungal control

 The control of white flies, aphids and other unwanted insects

INGREDIENTS: Liquid Seaweed * Humic Acid * Microbes Enzymes * Molasses * Iron * Trace Elements Capsicum * Alfalfa Tea * Vinegar * Compost Tea Garlic * and MANY OTHER BENEFICIAL INGREDIENTS!

Mix 3-5 oz. per gallon of water.
One gallon of Sea Mist per 1/2 acre.

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