Medina Soil Activator

$ 5.25

Use on lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, gardens, indoor plants, compost bed, planting seeds, and transplants.
Medina Soil Activator stimulates, strengthens, and multiplies the soil's indigenous microbes and bacteria which in turn:
-Converts nutrients into uasble plant food
-Balances soil PH
-Balances the soil microflora
-Balances soil structure
-Reduces salt accumulation
-Reduces chemical buildup
-Promotes root growth
-Reduces soil compaction
-Promotes faster breakdown of plant residue
-Improves water holding capacity

Guaranteed Analysis:


hose-end sprayer.....set for 4 to 6 oz./gal.
pump sprayer.......1 part to 15 parts water
for transplants, spraying on top of row, compost beds, and folage spray use.... 6 tablespoons/gal. of water

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