Herbs for Texas by Howard Garrett with Odena Brannam

$ 29.95

In this color photo packed book, Howard Garrett gives individual herb descriptions and sets forth the basics of organic gardening and pest control.
Fully illustrated and easy to use, this book is a guide to nearly 150 herbs suited to Texas. Each plant is described with details about landcsape, culinary, medicinal and other uses. Each plant is identified with common and scientific names and information is given about planting, growing, harvesting and storing it. The entries also include creative ideas for using each herb in gardening and cooking (with occasional recipes) and discuss its medicinal uses. This book will help you to design a herb garden and raise roses, pecans, and fruit trees without chemicals. You'll learn how to make tea from dozens of herbs, all as Garrett identifies trees, shrubs, vines and groundcovers with edible fruit and medicinal qualities. Paperback

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