Howard Garrett's Texas Trees

$ 29.95

Everything you need to identify over 100 varieties of Texas trees is here in this one source - along with easy-to-follow directions for selecting, planting, and maintaining your trees.
Packed full of colorful photos, this indispensable guide offers:
-Concise descriptions and photographs of tree varieties.
-Organic planting and maintenance programs.
-Methods for dealing with tree pests.
-Treatments and recipes for homemade organic remedies.
-Detailed information on growing patterns and requirements.
-Fertilization and protection recommendations.

This book will prove its value to homeowners, landscape architects, contractors, gardeners and others who want healthy trees.

Because Texas is a big place with varied climates, soils, and water qualities, a wide variety of trees can be grown here.

Texas Trees is for all Texas tree lovers, from the Red River to the Gulf Coast, the piney woods to the deserts and mountains.

A durable hardback

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