Good Natured Alfalfa Meal - 40 lbs.

$ 23.95

Good Natured Alfalfa Meal is a natural, slow release nitrogen source that helps invigorate biological activity in the soil. In addition to N-P-K alfalfa meal contains fiber and other substrates that feed populations of soil organisms.


Established turf, gardens, shrubs, or flower beds apply 3 lbs./100 sq.ft. of area up to four times annually any month before, during, or after growing season.  Water well.

Container and house plants:  Apply 6 oz./gal. of pot size.  Sprinkle over soil and lightly work into soil, then water well.

Wipe off any alfalfa meal that comes in contact with leaves, stems, or flowers.

Made from feed grade ingredients.  Persons allergic to alfalfa hay should not handle this product.

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