Good Natured Greensand - 40 lbs.

$ 9.95

Good Natured Greensand is good for all grasses, roses, trees, shrubs, gardens, vegetables, and flowering plants.

  • Pet friendly
  • Earth friendly
  • Organic - a mined product
  • Natural source for iron and trace minerals
  • Easy to apply

Good Natured Greensand is derived from glauconite, whick is a shallow marine sediment that contains rounded greenish grains.  Greensand not only improves your soil's moisture retention, but also provides vital water soluble nutrients.  It is safe for all plants in your landscape, and will not burn when used as directed.


Turf Grasses: Apply 50-100 pounds per 1,000 sq. ft.

Potted or container plants:  Add 1/2 pound for every gall of container size in the spring and again in the fall.

Vegetable gardens:  Apply 40 pounds per 500 sq. ft. in bed to be planted.

Roses:  Apply 1/2 pound for each gallon of container size prior to planting.

Established trees:  Apply same as grasses.


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