Lady Bug Revitalizer Compost - 1.5 cu.ft.

$ 10.95

Our famous blend of five beneficial composts with a trace of minerals. Our Revitalizer™ Compost contains NO BioSolids (sewer sludge)! We select the highest quality compost available and blend this product one batch at a time. The Revitalizer™ Compost was modeled by research done by the Soil Food Web, Inc. The blend of humus and manure composts provides a wide variety of beneficial fungal and bacterial microorganisms. Some plants prefer to be surrounded by beneficial fungal microorganisms while others do well with bacterial microorganisms. The Revitalizer™ Compost can be used for enriching and improving the texture of garden soils; loosening heavy clay and compacted soils; top dressing gardens, landscapes, and lawns; mulching around trees and shrubs; and stimulating microbial life for natural disease suppression and nutrient availability and uptake.

Bag size: 1.5 cu. ft.


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