Nature's Guide 9-2-2 Fertilizer - 40 lbs

$ 18.45

Natures Guide 9-2-2 fertilizer is poultry based with urea supplement, plus 1.5% iron and 4% calcium.
Nature's Guide 9-2-2 fertilizer is a premium formulation based on dried, heat pasteurized poultry litter fortified with urea that helps build soil structure while supplying nutrients to lawns, shrubs, and trees. Provides nitrogen to turf and other plants. Contains 1.5% iron and other ingredients to produce healthy plants and "showplace lawns". Will not burn. This is an excellent fertilizer for transitioning from chemical fertilizers to "pure" organic fertilizers. Approximately 2/3 of the nitrogen is released and rapidly broken down after application while the remainder is broken down slowly.

Granular form makes application easy with either broadcast or drop spreaders. For lawn maintenance apply 10 lbs./1,000 sq. ft. spring, mid-summer, and fall. Other application rates are on the bag.

Ingredients:  Heat dried poultry litter, urea, humates

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