Nature's Guide Liquid Fish

$ 8.95

Natures Guide Liquid Fish Plant Food is a natural product made from Atlantic fish.
Great for liquid fertilizer applications.

N-P-K = 5.0-1.0-1.0

Shake well before using and prepare for one application only (do not mix and store)

Applications for:
-Cuttings and rootings - stand in heavy solution overnight using 1 oz./gal. of water and water with same solution.
-Outdoor Plants - Water with 1 oz./gal. every 2 weeks
-Foliar food - Spray with 1 oz./gal of water every 2 weeks
-Lawns - water with 1 oz./gal. of water every 2 weeks
Compost Enhanser - Mix 1 oz./gal. of water and spray over the compost pile.

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