Frost Blanket - 6' X 50' - 4 Degree

$ 11.15

Protects plants from frost and insects.
Use The Master Gardener Company Frost Blanket in late spring or early fall to protect from frost and insects.
  • Provides up to 4 degrees of frost protection by increasing air and soil temperature (captures heat during the day and slows the loss of stored heat at night)
  • Soft and porous to water and air
  • Transmits 85% light
  • Produces faster crop yields which extends growing season
  • Influences photosynthesis - by reducing light intensity Frost Blanket promotes flowering and plant growth
  • Reduces pesticides - because of its light construction, it stops insects from attacking plants, yet lets air, water, and sunlight through

Easy Installation:

  • Cover loosely allowing room for vegetation growth. Fabric should be able to "float" on top of plants. Re-set as needed.
  • Fold over edges and anchor corners and sides about every three feet as needed.
  • Remove once frost potential is no longer present.

Size: 6' X 50'

Now packaged as a roll instead of the previous folded bundle.

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