Sunshine Perlite Professional Grade - 2 cu. ft.

$ 14.75

Sunshine Perlite (heat expanded siliceous volcanic rock) is used to loosen heavy soils.  It's also an excellent medium for seed starting and root cuttings, bulb storage, and hydroponic growing media..  Sunshine quality ingredients are carefully selected to ensure high performance and reliability.  Perlite does not degrade in time making it a long term answer to many gardening problems.

Sunshine Perlite is 100% perlite.

For potting soil, mix with compost and other ingredients to make your own special mix.

For seed germination, scatter seed thinly on surface of your filled trays or pots.  Spread layer of perlite over top of seeds.  Set the container in a tray of water.  Allow water to soak through the bottom of the container until the top surface is moist.  Place tray or pots in an area that is warm and out of direct sunlight.

For bulb storage, alternate layers of dry perlite with your bulbs.  Store in a cool (45-50 degrees F.), dark area away from moisture.  Do not add water when storing.

More instructions on bag.

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