Frost & Seed Blanket - 10 ft. X 250 ft. - 10 degree

$ 165.00

Protection from frost, insects, birds.
Master Gardener's Seed and Frost Blanket gives your plants a 10 degree (F.) protection from frost in the fall and winter.  Spring and summer applications protects seed and seedlings from frost, insects, and birds, giving plants and vegetables a healthy and early start.

  • Easy to use
  • Protects from light frost
  • Enhances germination
  • Porous to water, air, and nutrients
  • Influences photosynthesis
  • Reduces pesticide

FROST (fall-winter):
Master Gardener's Frost Blanket establishes a microclimate by capturing extra heat during the day and then slowing the loss of stored heat at night.

  • Cover plants allowing fabric to "float" on top
  • Fold over edges and anchor corners and along sides about every three feed as needed.

SEED STARTER (spring-summer):
Master Gardener's Seed Starter helps increase air and soil temperatures, increase relative humidity, and CO2 and protects seed and new plants from insects and birds, creating bigger plants and vegetables.

  • Cover loosely allowing room for vegetation growth
  • Fabric should be able to"float on top of planting
  • Fold edges and anchor corners and along sides about every three feet as needed
  • Remove once vegetation is established or plants start to bloom
  • Use to get vegetation started - remove after 4-6 weeks depending on temperatures.

Sales limited to quantities in stock.

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