Bato Strawberry Trough - 11 liter

$ 4.95

The Bato Strawberry trough was designed specifically for growing strawberries.  It has unique truss supports which prevents truss breakage, and at the same time allows for easy, fast installation by using the supports to hang between two horizontal pipes.  The trough has two drain holes with cross in the bottom.  A 1 1/2 inch pipe can be used to collect drain (or recirculating) water.  Depending on plant size 5 or 6 plants can be placed in the trough with approximately 2 liters of substrate per plant.


Overall:  Approximately 15" L X 13" W X 9" H

Inside:   Approximately: 15"L X 8.5" W X 6" Deep

Color:   Black

Can be cleaned and used for years.

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