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Biogize-SD (Soil Detox) - Powder - 24 oz.

Biogize-SD (Soil Detox) - Powder - 24 oz.

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Biogize-SD (Soil Detox) is a soil conditioner that effectively adsorbs herbicides, pesticides and other toxins from the soil to provide a safe planting medium. Biogize-SD can also be used to detoxify compost, manure, mulch or any organic product that may be contaminated with biological toxins.

Because of the widespread use of herbicides, pesticides and other toxins, it may be necessary to decontaminate the soil when planting vegetable gardens, fruit or ornamental trees, grass or farm crops. You will find that Biogize-SD will provide for lasting and safe soil decontamination while improving seed germination. 

Biogize SD is pure activated charcoal powder.  It is non-toxic and will not harm plants or animals.  It is recommended by major chemical companies for absorbing toxins, contaminations and chemical spills.

Biogize SD now comes in an easy to use bottle.  Slowly add water until jug is nearly full. Swirl gently while filling.  Wait 5 minutes before applying lid, then tighten lid and shake jug to mix completely.  Pour Biogize around the tree or shrub and water in.  For lawn and garden, use a hose -end sprayer and apply at a rate of 1 gallon per 300 sq. ft.  Rinse plants and surfaces areas throughly after application if needed.

Ingredients:   100% steam activated charcoal (carbon) powder.

Other applications:

Tree and Shrub Transplanting - Ball and Burlap 
Contamination from residual herbicides and pesticides from the surrounding soil may be leached into the root zones of freshly planted stock. This can be significantly reduced by forming a protective barrier of Biogize SD around the root zone. During planting, apply a portion of the recommended amount of Biogize SD over the ball. Can be applied as a solution or dry. Distribute the remaining Biogize SD throughout the soil used to fill the hole. Mix at a rate of ½ lb per gallon of water. Root Balls 12 inches or less in diameter use ½ lb of Biogize SD. For root balls over 12 inches, use an additional ½ lb of Biogize SD for each additional six inches in diameter.

Tree and Shrub Transplanting - Bare Root
The root system of transplants can be protected from possible trace herbicides in the soil that could injure the plant during the critical period after planting, by using Biogize SD. Soak roots in a slurry of 1 lb of Biogize SD per gallon of water for the recommend time given by plant provider. Transplant while roots are wet. Also use Biogize SD in the transplant water at a rate of ¼ lb per gallon.

Tree and Shrub Protection - Barrier Method
Shrubs and trees can be protected from surrounding soil with Biogize SD. Add Biogize SD by mixing 1 lb per gallon of water and apply into a barrier or small moat 3-6 inches deep on all sides from which contamination is expected. Use 1 lb of Biogize SD per 10 linear feet. Repeat as needed.

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