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BioWash 100 - 1 Quart

BioWash 100 - 1 Quart

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BioWash 100 is a fertilizer booster made from processed extracts of plants and vegetables, non-ionic surfactants, and water for use on field and row crops, fruit & nut trees, berries, vegetables, grass, hay, flowers, and ornamentals.

BioWash is not a fertilizer, yet field reports and testimonials from users reflect doubled and tripled yields following application of this booster.  A fertilizer booster (cationic exchange stimulant) helps the plant to more efficiently process fertilizer nutrients and water, which produces more healthier, sturdier, and disease resistance plants with higher yields.


  1. Reduces amount of fertilizer needed by increasing absorption efficiency
  2. Reduces need for pesticides
  3. Reduces freeze damage (reported less crop damage down to 27 degrees F.
  4.  Reduces drought damage
  5. Improves cation exchange capacity which increases root size allowing more absorption of nutrients and water
  6. Encourages increased BRIX (sugar content) which enhances photosynthesis effect, improves flavor, promotes faster growth, and the increased sugar content discourages insects which cannot digest sugar, thus reducing cost and health hazards associated with insecticides.
  7. Excellent aid in soil detox programs.


  • Tropical fruits, berries, ornamentals, and vegetables: Add 1 oz. per gal. of water - avoid blooms
  • Field and row crops:  Per acre:  add 4-5 ounces per 20 gallons of water - can be added to irrigation water, liquid nutrients, herbicides, insecticides.
  • Flowers & ornamentals:  BioWash pH averages 10.2 and benefits neutral and higher pH plants. Test application of 1 oz per 4 gals. of water for hardier plants and 1 oz per 4 gals. for delicate and house plants.
  • Adjuvant & Surfactant:  Use 1 oz. per 4 gals. of liquid.
  • Improved BRIX photosynthesis:  Apply 1 oz. per 4 gallons to top and bottom of leaves.
  • To neutralize acidic soil:  Saturate soil with 1 oz. per gallon of liquid.
  • Natural insect resistance via higher BRIX:  Drench entire plant with 1 oz. per 4 gals. of water.
  • Freeze/Frost resistance:  Add 1 oz. per 4 gals. of water and soak entire plant and ground several days prior to frost or freeze.  Regular applications work best.
  • Reduce over-ripening and spoilage:  Add 1 oz. per 4 gals of wash water.
Application frequency :  Optimum - 2 week intervals or as often as practical until blooms appear.
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