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Howard Garrett

Dear Dirt Doctor - Howard Garrett

Dear Dirt Doctor - Howard Garrett

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Questions answered the natural way.
Howard Garrett has converted gardeners throughout Texas and beyond to gardening the natural way without chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides. In this revised and updated edition of
The Dirt Doctor's Guide to Organic Gardening, he uses a question-and-answer format to present a wealth of new information on organic gardening, landscaping, pest control, and natural living. The book also incorporates valuable feedback and suggestions from gardeners who have successfully used Howard's methods.

"This book is so convincing that if you know anyone who is hard-headed and opinionated about not using organic gardening or least-toxic pest-control methods, this is a good place to start them on a change of perspective."  —Common Sense Pest Control 

"This [book] ...leaves no stone unturned on the subject of chemical-free gardening. Garrett offers persuasive arguments in favor of a holistic approach to gardening that considers composting, soil enrichment with natural ingredients, mulching, alternative pest control.... This volume serves well as an up-to-the-minute reference, one that gardeners of an organic persuasion will likely consult repeatedly." —Publishers Weekly

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