Dsolv Compostable Mesh Lawn Bags Starter Kit

$ 17.95

Great, compostable bags for leaves, grass, yard waste, etc.
Purchase the dsolv Starter Kit just once, and ditch those annoying paper bags forever! The Starter Kit includes our spring-loaded sleeve, ergonomic carrying handle, and 8 dsolv bags. These items are all packed in a durable pouch, handy for storage between uses.

Each dsolv bag holds up to 45 gallons of yard waste, which is 50% more than paper lawn bags. So these 8 dsolv bags hold as much volume as 12 paper bags! They’re strong too, each holding up to 75 lbs. of yard waste. So pile on the pine cones! Our tough mesh can take it.

dsolv bags are:

  • Easy to fill
  • Easy to carry
  • Withstands rain
  • Rip resistant
  • Ventilated
  • Contents are visible
  • Easy to store in convenient carrying case

Four easy steps:
1. Slide collapsed sleeve into a dsolv bag and center the sleeve over the bag's bottom crimp
2. Unsnap straps and allow the sleeve pop up in the bag
3. Fill with leaves, grass and other lawn waste then pull out sleeve
4. Tie knot at top of bag and slide on to handle. Handle accepts up to three bags at one time.

dsolv bags are made from a bio resin. Corn and other plants are processed to form a starch compound that is used to create the bags. The resin is 100% compostable, yet, the bag offers strength and a long shelf life.
dsolv(tm)is 100% compliant with the national standard of compostability set by the US Composting Councul and the Biodegradable Institute and meets the requirements of ASTM D6400.

Starter kit includes:
1 reusable pop-up sleeve
1 resuable comfort-carry handle
8 45 gallon,compostable mesh bags

Refill bags available -- see dsolv bag listing on this site

To see a demonstration video click on the link below.

Sales limited to quantities in stock.

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