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Good Natured

Good Natured Liquid Fish & Seaweed - gal.

Good Natured Liquid Fish & Seaweed - gal.

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Good Natured Liquid Fish and Seaweed is an excellent source of plant nutrients for all grasses, roses, trees, shrubs, gardens, vegetables, and flowering plants.

Kid, Pet and Earth friendly

Made from 100% pure extract for Norwegian seaweed and Atlantic fish.



Total Nitrogen (N)  --  3.0%      (1) 0.30% Ammoniacal N  (2) 0.45% water insoluble N  (3) 2.2% other water soluable N

Available phosphoric acid (P2O5)  --1.09%   Soluble Potash  --  1.0%

Chlorine  -- Not more than 4.0%

Derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed and Fish.


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