Mole Scram - 4.5 lb. Shaker

$ 16.10

Stop moles now from tunneling through your lawns, gardens, landscapes and flowerbeds now!
Mole Scram™ has been proven to quickly and effectively reduce and eliminate mole activity!  Our all natural organic repellent contains three active ingredients,more than most other brands. Mole Scram's active ingredients help to make it effective in attacking three of the mole's main senses and needs - taste, smell and diet. Mole Scram is an excellent preventative measure. Spring and fall applications of our easy-to-use granular formula will get rid of moles in your yard.
  • All natural & organic
  • Granular Formula - no mixing or spraying--just sprinkle or spread
  • Fast acting - but may take several days for moles to leave the treated area
  • All season use
  • 100% biodegradeable
  • Won't hurt animals
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Protects up to 3,375 sq. ft.

Application instructions on container.

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