Nature's Guide Mosquito Repellent - 32 fl. oz. - RTS

$ 13.95

Nature's Guide Mosquito Repellent is an all natural repellent that fights against mosquitoes, wasps, bees, gnats, flies, chiggers, spiders, no-seeums, and other insects.

100% Citronella Oil
Repels mosquitoes and flying insects
• Easy to use applicators
• Covers up to 4,000 sq. ft.

Enjoy your outdoor activities with our safe and easy to use Mosquito Repellent sprays. We use the best grade citronella oil extracted from the Cymbopogon or Lemon Grass plant. This writer has used the product consistently nearly every night during this spring's heavy moth and Mayfly infestation during work outdoors on a brightly illuminated laptop computer. A liberal spray early evening on the patio with the RTS and a light misting on outdoor furniture with the RTU has eliminated the constant bombardment of these annoying pests. The scent is mild and not unpleasant. This stuff WORKS!

Easy to apply, just hook sprayer to water hose and spray.

Citronella Oil..........5.0%

Sales limited to quantity in stock.

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