Oasis Horticubes LC-1 - Top Groved -1 " - 2 sheet pack

$ 14.95

Oasis Horticubes are commonly used for hydroponic lettuce, tomato, herb, and onion seed germination, but they offer a versatile system that has multiple applications for crops that require high water usage.This medium is designed to drain off excess water from the base of the cutting or seed, yet provide the proper balance of air/water needed for good root development.

From sowing to transplanting, Horticubes growing media makes hydroponics an easy process.


  • The unique "Universal Hole" design provides easy insertion into the foam to the proper depths for almost all plants
  • Simple to use, just add water and sow seeds 
  • High drainage product characteristic is ideal for crops requiring high water usage
  • Specially engineered balance of water and air promotes good root developement
  • Consistent cell to cell product quality
  • Cells do not compact after continual watering, maintaining the original air porosity
  • Pre-dibbled holes make it easy to set the seed into place in the media
  • Sterile sheets reduce disease problems

Sheets are 9" X 18" with 162 cubes per sheet.  Cubes are 1" X 1" X 1 1/2" High

Sheets are top grooved making cell separation very easy..

Comes 2 sheets per pack.

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