PureGro Bug Stop - Concentrate - 16 oz.

$ 29.95

PureGro Bug Stop is an organic acaricide-insecticide for piercing and sucking insects.  Insects are controlled by direct contact and inhalation (inhaled scent will impact insects).  Bug Stop:

  • Can be used up to day of harvest
  • Safe on honey bees and beneficial insects
  • Fast acting - kills on contact
  • Kills by inhalation - no direct contact required
  • Organic, non-toxic product
  • Safe to use around children and pets when used as directed
  • Can be used on: flower beds, pots, lawns, gardens, fruit trees, and ornamentals

Kills & Controls:  Aphids, Mites, Leaf Miners,White Flies, Thrips, Scales, and others

Application:  Mix 2 teaspoons of Bug Stop per gallon of water, and spray thoroughly to cover all affected areas (covers up to 500 sq. ft.).  Spray in early morning or late afternoon.  Repeat application every 7-10 days.  If mite/insect pressure is high, mix concentration can be increased up to 4 oz./gallon of water, and application interval can be reduced to 4-7 days.

Active Ingredients:   40% Cinnamon Oil, 10% Clove Oil

Inactive ingredients: 50% Inert


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