Rabbit Hill Farm Rose Food

$ 20.75

A unique blend of natural products that feed the soil and plant
RHF Rose Food has a balance of N-P-K (5-6-3), micro-nutrients, and trace minerals that feeds the soil and plant.

Can be used on all indoor and outdoor plants to build strong roots and add more blooms and fruit.

Contains: Alfalfa meal, soft rock phosphate with colloidal clay, bone meal, cottonseed meal, worm castings, soybean meal, feather meal, sulfate of potash, humate, rabbit manure, greensand, kelp, and epsom salt.

For Roses use:
Small--2 tablespoons/ plant
Medium--1/4 cup/plant
Large--1/2 cup/plant
Very Large--1 cup/plant
Other Outdoor Plants--1/4 cup for each 12" of height
Vegetables--1 lb./20-30 ft. row

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