Riococo Closed Bottom Organic Plug (CBOP) -42mm

$ 0.10

Riococo Closed Bottom Organic Plug is made from OMRI certified coir.  It's ideal for plug and transplant production and growing leafy greens and culinary herbs.  The plugs work in a variety of growing systems including, but limited to, 1020 trays, grow bag. nutrient film technique (NFT), raft systems, aquaponics, and  areoponoics.

Has center indent for seed placement.  Place seed, flood tray until plug is moist, drain tray, cover with clear cover, and place tray out of direct sunlight or in "shaded" sunlight.  After seed germinates and plant reaches appropriate size, transplant into growing system.

Size -- 42mm (approximately 1.6inches in diameter and 5/8 inch high)

Available in cases of 1,400 (Call for case price).

CBOP also comes in 25mm (3,000/case) and 42mm (1,000/case) sizes.  Call for price and availability.

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