Soil Mender Premium Top Soil - 1 cu.ft.

$ 4.50

A premium blend of natural, organic ingredients and topsoil.
Soil Mender Topsoil consists of organic materials specifically blended to enhance the condition of your soil, producing healthy and vigorous plants. Contains a mixture of Composted Cotton Burr Fines and Native Topsoil.
  • Natural/organic
  • Weed and pathogrn free
  • Inoculated with beneficial microbes
  • Properly composted to ensure the best results

Seeding or sodding:
Spread Soil Mender Topsoil over your existing soil at a rate of one to two bags per ten square feet (app. one to two inches deep). Till into soil if possible. 

Filling bare spots or low areas:
Remove old grass and one inch of soil from the affected area. Loosen two to three inches of the exposed soil and mix thoroughly with Soil Mender Topsoil. 

Building Plant Beds:
Till the native soil to a depth equal to the height of your selected bed (ex. till four inches deep if you want a four inch high bed). Mix Soil Mender Topsoil with the native soil to make a 50/50 mix. One bag of Soil Mender Topsoil covers twelve square feet one inch deep.

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