Soil Mender Humate - 10 lbs.

$ 10.35

Soil Mender Humate is a premium quality (greensgrade) granular humate that helps release locked-up nutrients, improves soil structure and increases the soil’s water-holding capacity.

If you struggle to grow plants in poor-quality soils, you need to use humate! This premium quality granular humate will help grow healthy plants by releasing locked-up mineral nutrients, improving soil texture, and increasing the soil’s water-holding capacity.

Humate is fossilized, highly concentrated organic humus, extremely rich in organic matter and nutrient-releasing organic acids. Use humate in conjunction with other organic fertilizers to bring health and vitality to flower and vegetable gardens in lean, depleted, or sandy low-nutrient soils.
  • Helps release locked-up nutrients in the soil
  • Improves soil structure and increases water holding capacity
  • Promotes thatch decomposition in turf
  • Helps prevent grass burrs, goat-heads, and other weeds that thrive in nutrient depleted soils


Apply at a rate of 10 to 20 lbs per 1,000 sq ft.

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