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The Organic Manual by Howard Garrett - Original 1st Edition

The Organic Manual by Howard Garrett - Original 1st Edition

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Easy-to-follow, money saving advice on the proper selection, installation and maintenance of your organic landscape and garden, from the very large to the very small, by one of the nation's foremost authorities.
It's only natural! This complete gardening guide by leading expert Howard Garrett tells you everything you need to know to make your yard and garden healthy ... the natural way.

No more toxins. No more poisonous chemicals. Garret offers his expertise on making your yard and garden balanced and healthy. Enrich your garden's soil. Make your lawn beautifully green and lush. Produce delicious foodcrops.

Garrett shows you how to get started, how to feed your soil instead of poisoning it, and how to make compost. He answers all of your questions on handling weeds and insect pests and diseases with healthy, effective controls. The Organic Manual is the common sense primer for gardening the natural way and comes with sources for plants, organic products and beneficial insects.
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