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Howard Garrett

The Organic Manual by Howard Garrett - Updated 4th Edition

The Organic Manual by Howard Garrett - Updated 4th Edition

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It seems everyone is talking about environmental issues and the concept of "going green".  Natural organic gardening and landscaping is an important part of the movement.Some organic proponents only say to stop using chemicals, but Howard Garrett explains in detail "what to do" and "how to do it".  Starting with the advice of stopping the use of toxic chemical pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers, he goes on, in great detail, about the practical alternatives.His advice is effective coast to coast and border to border.  This organic method has no geographical boundaries.

Whether it is growing beautiful landscaping or delicious healthy food crops, the Organic Manual explains bed preparation, planting, pest control, compost making, and natural living advice.The organic method is the most efficient, most cost effective, and the most fun of any approach.  It also produces the best trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables that you will ever grow.

Easy to follow money saving advice on the proper selection, installation, and maintenance of our organic landscape and garden from the very large to the very small by one of the nation's foremost authorities.


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