Vacation - 8 Oz. Bottle

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Keep your Christmas tree green for 3 to 4 weeks.
Put your plants "on vacation" when you go on vacation.
Vacation is an all-natural, anti-drought, liquid plant treatment perfectly suited to take care of your plants while you are away. Mix Vacation with water and apply to your plant as a normal watering. Your plants will remain in a state of drought resistance for up to two weeks as long as they are not watered. Vacation is an effective tool to protect against drought and plant transplant shock. Safe & nontoxic for people and pets.

Uses & Benefits
- Works great as a plant–sitter while you are away
- For indoor & outdoor plants and cut Christmas trees
- Flowers remain blooming while on Vacation
- Great for transplanting
- Environmentally safe & non-toxic
- No polymers or toxic chemicals

One 8-oz. bottle makes up to three gallons of solution. Vacation will eliminate the need for watering fresh-cut Christmas trees for the brief holiday season or up to three weeks. Add the entire bottle of Vacation to one-gallon of water. Mix thoroughly. Pour entire solution into the reservoir inside the Christmas tree stand. The tree will suck in the solution through the fresh-cut base. The tree should keep its needles and green color for up to three weeks. Tree must be fresh cut or have it’s end sawed off before putting it in the stand. It is assumed that the tree will be discarded after holiday use. The effects of Vacation wear off gradually after two weeks for live plants. For fresh-cut Christmas trees, the effects can last up to four weeks.
Watering or rainfall will eliminate the effects of Vacation immediately

Vacation is safe and contains no polymers or chemicals. Vacation is classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and is safe for pets, children, and you..

FOR POINSETTIAS:Mix two capfuls of Vacation to a cup of water (3-oz per gallon). Apply the solution as a watering to entire pot until soil is saturated. Be sure not to cause run-off so the solution can get into the root zone. Poinsettias will survive without water up to 2 weeks.