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1020 Trays - MEGA Heavy Duty - 10 Pack

1020 Trays - MEGA Heavy Duty - 10 Pack

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For starting seedlings and growing microgreens, 1020 trays are convenient and inexpensive.

We offer a 10-pack of strong, mwga-heavy duty, thermoformed 1020 trays that are much heavier than standard trays.  They are designed for consistent performance in automatic filling and handling qwuipment.

We recommend a seed starting mix of 1 part coconut coir, 1 part vermiculite and 1 part lava sand for a sterile, moisture retaining medium.  Or, Grodan Rockwool sheets fit perfectly.

10.94" W x 21.44" L x 2.44" D

Thickness: 0.088" gauge (Strong

Trays come with no center bar or side ribs and no drainage holes

Made in USA

Can be purchased in quantities less than the ten pack, bit the shipping will be the same as the ten pack (minimum)  Call to place orders for less than ten.

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