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Four Monks 10% Distilled White Vinegar

Four Monks 10% Distilled White Vinegar

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Good for cooking, canning or cleaning, Four Monks 10 Percent Distilled White Vinegar is a concentrated vinegar diluted to 10% acidity.

Organic gardeners also use 10% vinegar for its herbicidal qualities as a natural weed killer for the lawn and garden.

Before using the product for cleaning, test an inconspicuous spot first to ensure that there is no damage or discoloration to surfaces.

Available by the case. Each case contains 4 one-gallon bottles for a total of four gallons per case.

Do not use on marble, granite or natural stone surfaces because 10% vinegar may damage these materials.

Although vinegar is safe when used as directed, do not inhale its vapor. Care should also be given to avoid eye contact with vinegar in people and animals as eye contact with strong vinegar can cause permanent injury to the eye and even

The product is obtained from the acetous fermentation of alcohol derived from sun ripened grain, adjusted with water to 10% acidity.

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