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Bonide Boric Acid Roach Powder - 1 lb. Puffer

Bonide Boric Acid Roach Powder - 1 lb. Puffer

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Kills roaches, ants, palmetto bugs, silverfish, and waterbugs.
Bonide Boric Acid Roach Powder is odorless and non-staining. It is non-repellent, roaches do not avoid it. When they get near it, the electro-static charged powder clings and is carried back to their nests.

Squeeze bottle to spray under appliances, sinks, furniture, around drains, along all sides of closet shelves, under shelf paper, on ledges, wherever roaches develop paths. Be sure to treat basements, attics, and garages. One pound normally treats an average home of 2,000 sq. ft. New construction treatment in wall requires one lb. for every 500 sq. ft.

Keep powder dry. If it gets wet, remove and re-apply. Any powder visible after application should be brushed into cracks and crevices or removed. Apply only to areas inaccessible to children and pets. Avoid contamination of food handling areas, feed and feed stuffs.

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