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Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew - Concentrate - 16 fl.oz.

Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew - Concentrate - 16 fl.oz.

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For organic gardening use on vegetables, berries, citrus, grapes, nuts and ornamentals.

This insect control product is intended for control of worms (caterpillars), thrips, fire ants and other listed insects in:

  • Fruiting vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers ,okra, and eggplant
  • Cucurbits such as cantaloupe and honeydew
  • Cole crops (brassica) such as cabbage broccoli and cauliflower
  • Leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, and celery
  • Tuberous vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, jerusalem artichoke, chinese artichoke, and cassava
  • Stone fruits such as peaches, plums, cherries, nectarines, prunes, and apricots
  • Apple and other pome fruits such as pears, crabapples, mayhaw, and quince
  • Bush berries and cane berries such as blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries

This product does not significantly impact predatory beneficial insects, predatory mites, or spiders while controlling target pests. Susceptible insect pests may be observed on plants up to several hours after treatment, but will have ceased active feeding before being killed. Spinosad is classified as an organic substance by the USDA National Organic Standards Board.

Apply mixture of 2 fl.oz. per gallon of water uniformly to both upper and lower surfaces of plant foliage. It is recommended to mix only as much spray as needed for a single treatment. It is recommended to use not more than 3 gallons of spray per 1,000 sq. ft. in vegetable gardens.

Spinosad (a mixture of spinosyn A and Spinosad D).....0.5%
Other Ingredients...........................................................99.5%

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