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Florentus Hydrokorrels - Expanded Clay Pellets Agregate Substrate

Florentus Hydrokorrels - Expanded Clay Pellets Agregate Substrate

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Flentus Hydrokorrels are hard baked clay pellets intended for use as hydroponics growing media, but can be used as a pot decoration and/or pot drainage assist.

The clay pellets are 8-16 mm in size and contain no nutrients. They are particularly suited for ebb and flow systems and continuous drip systems.  Can be cleaned and sterilized between crops.

For hydroponics:  Fill pot or trough 1/3 full of pellets, place plant in pot, after all traces of soil has been removed, and fill with pellets.  Start water/nutrient solution flow.

For drainage:  Install a layer of hydro granules approximately 2 (5 cm) inches deep, apply a layer of potting soil, place plant in pot, and fill to proper depth with potting soil.

For decoration:  Cover surface of pot with a layer of pellets. 

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