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Grodan AO 50 X 50 X 40 mm Rockwool Cubes - 2 Sheet Pack

Grodan AO 50 X 50 X 40 mm Rockwool Cubes - 2 Sheet Pack

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Grodan AO Cubes         

  • 2" X 2" X 1.6" (50 X 50 X 40 mm)
  • Tapered to bottom (connected at top)
  • 50 cubes per sheet
  • 10mm X 10mm seed hole
  • Pollutant free
  • pathogen free
  • Does not lock up nutrients
  • Does not  release substances into water or nutrients
  • Designed specifically for irrigation efficiency and uniformity
  • Holds the perfect ratio of water to air that the plant needs
  • Recycleable
  • Fits 1020tray
  • Available in cases (30 sheets - 1,500 cubes) call or e-mail for price

Rockwool or stonewool is a very environmentally friendly product made by melting basalt rock and chalk, then spinning the molten rock into fibers, much like cotton candy.

These fibers are compressed and cut into the various sheets, cubes, blocks, etc.

One cubic foot of rock makes 37 cubic feet of rockwool.

The World Heath Organization has classified rockwool as a safe-to-use bio-soluble product. 

Grodan Rockwool AO cubes are suitable for starting a wide range of plants, and are effective in growing anything from tomatoes, lettuce, flowers and even some aquatic plants.

The cubes are attached in sheets that fit in a 10 X 20 tray, but are easily separated for transplanting.

The AO cubes are attached at the top, with each cube tapered toward the bottom.

Call for case price plus shipping.    Case = 30 sheets

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