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Haifa Multi-K Potassium Nitrate GG (KNO3)- 50 lbs.

Haifa Multi-K Potassium Nitrate GG (KNO3)- 50 lbs.

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Haifa Multi-K Potassium Nitrate GG (Greenhouse Grade) is one of the line of potassium nitrates that is designed especially for soilless and hydroponic greenhouse growing.  It contains only pure plant nutrients - no re4sidues that might contaminate the soil or ground water.  Multi-K can be used with other water soluble fertilizers, and will not create insoluble precipitates that might clog drippers and nozzles.  Fully water soluble.

Some of the benefits of using Multi-K Potassium Nitrate include:

  • Stronger and healthier plants
  • Higher yield and better quality
  • Water saving
  • Counteracting salinity damages

Potassium is a micro-nutrient that plants consume in large amounts.  It has many vital functions some of which are:

  • Formation of sugars and starch
  • activation of enzymatic reaction
  • Regulation of the opening of the plant leaf stomata
  • Building cell walls
  • Improves drought resistance
  • Increased winter hardiness
  • Increased disease resistance
  • Higher yield
  • Better quality
  • Longer shelf life

Multi-K Potassium Nitrate meets the plant needs and requirements. Use in fertigation/nutrigation systems and foliar sprays.

Total Nitrogen (N) ---- 13%        Total soluble potash (K2O) ------ 46%

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