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Hi-Yield Bone Meal - 4 lb.

Hi-Yield Bone Meal - 4 lb.

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For roses, flowers, shrubs, bulbs, and vegetables -- Easy to use
Helps develop sturdy root systems, hastens maturity, and stimulates plant growth. Bone meal is usually used as a supplement to a regular feeding program. Apply in early spring after danger of last frost is past and repeat in early fall to help maintain plants during the winter months.

N-P-K of 0-10-0 is derived from bone meal.

-Bed plantings - Apply 5-7 lbs./100 sq. ft. and work thoroughly into the soil.
-Roses - Apply 1 cup/bush and lightly work into the soil(don't damage roots).
-Bulbs - Apply 1/2 to 2 teaspoons per bulb, depending on bulb size, and place in soil 2 inches below bulb.
-Vegetables - Broadcast 2 lbs./30 sq. ft. and mix into soil prior to planting. Side dress with 2 lbs./linear foot of row after seeding or planting and water thoroughly after applying.
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