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Texas Drought Buster Weed Control Mat and Irrigation Pan

Texas Drought Buster Weed Control Mat and Irrigation Pan

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The Texas Drought Buster weed mat is a combination of weed control mat and water collection tray for use in gardens, orchards, and landscapes, and in commercial crop production.

Protects trees, vines, and vegetables from the effects of drought and weeds.

  • Captures dew and rainwater and funnels it to the plant or tree.
  • Slows evaporation of moisture from the soil, condensing some evaporated moisture and channeling it back to the roots, resulting in at as much as 50% less water consumption when compared to drip irrigation, and even greater retention when compared to sprinkler irrigation.
  • Inhibits weeds that compete for moisture, nutrients and light.
  • Reduces fertilizer requirements by up to 30%.
  • Reduces dependence on herbicides.
  • Reduces time spent hand-weeding vegetable gardens.
  • Reflects light onto lower leaves, amplifying plant productivity.
  • Helps to maintain optimum soil temperatures by keeping soil under the mat cooler during hot ambient temperatures and direct sunlight, and warmer during colder ambient temperatures.
  • An effective organic weed control solution that reduces labor costs.

Used on a large scale for agriculture in the production of grapes, berries and tree crops.

Texas Drought Buster weed mats are suitable for peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, melons, squash, trees, and other single-stemmed plants.

Each mat comes with 4 sod staples for securing opposite sides of the mat to the soil.

The mats are made of flexible, UV-stabilized plastic. 

We first began to use Texas Drought Buster weed mats in 2014, and even after 10 years of use, they are still in good shape and effective. 

The mats are manufactured by Tal-Ya Agriculture Solutions, and are also known as Tal-Ya Trays.

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