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Texas Drought Buster Weed Control Mat & Irrigation Pan

Texas Drought Buster Weed Control Mat & Irrigation Pan

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This combination of weed control mat and water collection tray (or "irripan" or "talya-tray") is a very unique item for use in the garden, orchard, or landscaping.

Protects trees, vines, and vegetables from the effects of drought and weeds.

  • Captures dew and rainwater and funnels it to your plant or tree.
  • Slows evaporation of moisture from the soil, condensing some evaporated moisture and channeling it back to the roots. (At least 50% less water consumption when compared to drip irrigation, even higher savings when compared to sprinkler irrigation.)
  • Kills weeds that steal moisture, nutrients and light.  (fertilizer needs reduced by 30% and herbicide needs also reduced)
  • Reflects light onto lower leaves, amplifying their productivity.
  • Keeps soil under the mat cooler during hot temperatures and direct sunlight and warmer during cold temperatures. (less crop loss)
  • Faster tree growth and larger yields.  (yields often 50% higher)
  • Great for organic farmers by controlling weeds thus reducing labor cost.

This breakthrough in water conservation was developed in Israel, a place where every single drop of water is precious and cannot go to waste.

Used on a large scale for agriculture in the production of grapes, berries and tree crops. Perfect for peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, new trees and vines (any single stem plant).

Held in place with 4 sod staples that can be installed on each corner (4 staples per pan included).

Made of flexible, UV-stabilized plastic. Durable and reusable.  Recycle when no longer needed.

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