Masterblend 4-18-38 Hydroponic Tomato Formula - 25 pound bag

$ 32.00

Masterblend Hydroponic Tomato 4-18-38 fertilizer provides plants in a hydroponic system with the essential macro and micro nutrients that plants need to grow robust, flower and set fruit.

Hydroponic application: We dissolve Masterblend Hydroponic Tomato 4-18-38 fertilizer in pure, reverse osmosis water at the rate of 1 pound of fertilizer per gallon of water. Then, we add magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) to the solution at the rate of 0.5 pound per gallon of water (the ratio of Masterblend to Epsom salt is 2:1). This becomes Part B concentrate in a two-part, A-B nutrient formula.

Dispense Part B concentrate into your hydroponics reservoir at the rate of about 1 ounce of concentrate per gallon in the reservoir after you have added 1 ounce of Part A concentrate per gallon of water in the reservoir. Mix thoroughly and check the nutrient levels in the reservoir with an EC meter. Continue adding equal parts of Part A and Part B until you reach the desired nutrient level, usually 2.0 EC or 20 CF.

For making your own Part A solution, refer to the hydroponics application section of the description of Calcium Nitrate.


Synthetic nutrient, not accepted for organic growing.

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