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Monterey B.t. - Bacillus Thuringiensis

Monterey B.t. - Bacillus Thuringiensis

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Controls Worms and caterpillars on fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and shade trees.
B.t. is a naturally occurring material based on the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies kurstaki. These naturally occurring products were discovered in the 1960’s and have been used ever since for worm and caterpillar control. When the insects ingest the product it causes a disease in their gut where they stop feeding and eventually die. It is 98.35% active (at least 6 million viable spores per mg.)
  • Controls worms and caterpillars on fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and shade trees
  • Biological insectcide
  • Easy-to-mix liquid concentrate
  • OMRI listed for organic gardening.
Only Lepidoptera insects which are caterpillars and worm type insects are affected. Others are not controlled.

Mix with water and apply at 5 – 7 day intervals while insects are active. The product must be eaten by the insects to be effective. It is best to treat when the insects are small. It can be used up to and on the day of harvest.

For fruits and vegetables use 1.5 oz. per 3 gallons of water (1 tablespoon per gallon) and apply to 1,000 sq. ft. On ornamentals apply at 2 oz. per 3 gallons of water (4 teaspoons per gallon).
Once mixed with water, use all the spray mixture within 24 hours. Thorough leaf coverage is necessary. This product is slow acting, so you may see insects after spraying but they will have quit feeding.

Active Ingredients:
Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies kurstaki strain SA-12 solids, spores, and Lepidopteran active toxins.......................98.35%
Other Ingredients.........1.65%
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