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Nature's Creation

Nature's Creation Organic Potting Soil

Nature's Creation Organic Potting Soil

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Nature's Creation Organic Potting Soil is a premium potting soil that has premium ingredients plus mycorrhizal fungi (endo and ecto).  It:

  • For all indoor and outdoor plantings
  • Readily absorbs water
  • Holds moisture without becoming saturated
  • Dries evenly, which all but eliminates fungus knats and mold
  • Contains no peat moss (uses coconut fiber instead)
  • Contains eleven different strains of the most effective Vascular Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
  • Resists clumping by using a blend of weed free and naturally sterilized compost and coco fiber
  • Contains NO biosolids

Mycorrhizal fungi exists in symbiotic relationship with plant roots.  Mycorrhizal literally means "fungus root".  Mycorrhizal fungus is divided into two basic classes: endo and ecto.

The endo actually penetrates the roots to help capture the nutrients and micronutrients.

The ecto micorrhizae work mainly with woody plants forming what is commonly known as Wood Wide Web.  Both benefit the host plants by increasing drought tolerance, water and nutrient uptake, and disease resistance.

Ingredients:  Coco Fiber, Compost, Mushroom Compost, Pecan Mulch, Perlite, Molasses, Native Recycled Trees and Shrubs.

Non-Plant Food Ingredients:  Mycorrhizal Fungi 

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