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Nature's Creation

Nature's Creation Texas Green Sand

Nature's Creation Texas Green Sand

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Nature's Creation Tejas (Spanish for Texas) Green Sand was formed from anoxic (oxygen depleted) waters with lots of organic matter and very little input from rivers or other common sources of sediment.  It is now mined from the areas that were under water those millions of years ago, and is an all  natural soil amendment.

  • Very porous with great moisture holding capacity
  • Remains friable with without compacting
  • Becomes part of the soil structure and breaks down very slowly
  • Reduces soil compaction in clay soils
  • Helps sandy soils retain moisture
  • Source of iron and trace minerals


Turfgrass:  Apply 10 lbs./1,000 sq. ft. to new and existing turfgrasses 3 times/year.  Water after application..

Potted or Container Plants:  Mix 1/4 lb. for every gallon of container size 3 times/year..  Water in thoroughly.

Annuals & Perennials:   Apply 5 lbs./100 sq. ft.  Water in thoroughly.

Roses:  For existing plants add 1/2 cup around the base of the plant 3 times/year and water in throughly.

Vegetable Gardens:  Mix 5-10 lbs/100 sq. ft. of planted areas or areas to be planted and water in thoroughly.


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