Good Natured Premium Corn Gluten Meal - Fine Grind - 40 lbs.

$ 35.50

High nitrogen (slow release)fertilizer/pre-emergent herbicide.
Corn Gluten Meal is a powerful 9-0-0 fertilizer and acts as a herbicide by preventing small seeds from germinating, effective on a wide variety of grasses and broad leaf species, including crabgrass and dandelion.

- Easy to use - Provides uniform coverage - Superior ground contact - Slow nitrogen release - Non-burning - Exceptional purity - 60% protein

When applying as a fertilizer, do not apply to newly seeded areas or where seeds are to be planted soon (90 days).

Apply 20 lb./1,000 sq. ft. In north Texas apply in early spring and early fall for herbicidal benefits. Water into soil.

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