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Puregro Nutri Soil

Puregro Nutri Soil

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Puregro NUTRI SOIL Concentrate is an organic liquid soil amendment and conditioner especially designed to improve physical, chemical, and biological properties of treated soils. It is a soil corrector that ensures your plants grow faster in a nutrient optimal environment.

NUTRI SOIL is not a fertilizer, but a compliment to fertilizer. It is a nutrient source for both plants and microflora, essentially helping to move micronutrients from soil to plant.


  • Supercharged soil restoration
  • Superior nutrition delivery for plant growth
  • Restore life to your soil and maximize nutrient uptake
  • Non-toxic product - safe to use around children and pets, when used as directed

Active Ingredients: Humic and Fulvic acid 12.5%


Mix 8 teaspoons of NUTRI SOIL per gallon of water and drench it evenly over the soil surface or by incorporating it prior to planting. Make sure to achieve drench penetration unto the first inch of soil.

Use in flower beds, pots, lawns, and gardens.

Puregro NUTRI SOIL Concentrate is appropriate for organic crop production.

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