Rabbit Hill Farm/MaestroGro Tree Treatment - 30 lb.

$ 34.95

Help for any tree in stress for any reason.
Rabbit Hill Farm Tree Treatment is for any tree that appears to be in stress. Aerate the root zone heavily, and while the holes are open apply Tree Treatment to area at rate of 15 lbs./200 sq. ft. (this bag covers 400 sq. ft.). Apply 1 inch of compost, spray tree and ground with liquid Bioform (see liquid fertilizers section of this website), and then apply 3 inches of mulch.

Insure the tree root flare is showing (trunk doesn't look like a post going into the soil). One of the main causes of tree stress is the tree is too deep in the ground.

Ingredients: Lava sand, Greensand, Corn Meal, Dry Molasses, and Zeolite.

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