Coir Block

$ 9.95

Standard coir mix block consists of ¼”, ½” or ¾” mesh processed coir materials. Standard coir block comes in a 4:1 compressed form and it is easy to handle and use. It can be used in indoor or outdoor growing mediums for Seedlings, Inoculums, Nurseries, Greenhouses, Lawns and landscaping, etc., or part of professional or retail potting soil mix. 

Soak in water and block expands to approximately two cubic feet of material.  After it has been expanded, nutrients or fertilizer can be added.

Coir is a much better substitute for peat moss in growing media, potting soils, etc.

Size -- 12" X 12" X 6"  (may vary some in thickness)

Weight -- 10 - 11 lbs.  (weight may vary)

Raw material particle size -- 1/4" mesh, 1/2" mesh, 3/4 " mesh

pH range -- 5.5 to 6.2

Compression ratio -- 4:1

Moisture content -- 18% to 20% 

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