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K & S Epso TOP Magnesium Sulfate - Epsom Salt

K & S Epso TOP Magnesium Sulfate - Epsom Salt

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K & S Epso TOP Magnesium Sulfate 16 - 32

  • 16% MgO water soluble Magnesium Oxide (= 9.6% Mg)
  • 32.5% SO3 water soluble Sulfur Trioxide (= 13% S)

Usually applied as a 5% solution (1 pound  per 2.4 gallons of water, or 11 pounds per 26.4 gallons  of water for soil-based crops.

EPSO Top is approved according to regulation (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008 for use in organic farming systems.

For hydroponics, use Epsom salt to make Part B of a two-part nutrient concentrate (see the description for Masterblend Tomato Vegetable formula for more information).

K & S EpsoTOP Magnesium Sulfate -- Epsom salt -- may also be used as a foliar feed at the rate of 1 tablespoon per gallon of water sprayed directly onto leaves  with a sprayer every two weeks.

In general, magnesium sulfate:

  • Can be applied with crop protection products
  • Compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers. Must be dissolved in water first when combined with ammonium nitrate-urea solutions and NP or urea solutions
  • Quick acting magnesium and sulphur for foliar application with sprayer or fertigation irrigation systems.
  • Can be used as a supplement for soil applications
  • Fully water soluble nutrients, with no residue, in sulphate form (MgSO4 x 7 H2O)
  • Suitable for organic farming. EpsoTOP is mined from natural salt deposits in Europe and has minimal factory processing.


  • Essential for synthesis, transport, and storage of important plant substances such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats
  • Activates more enzymes than any other plant butrient
  • Regulates the energy balance in plants
  • Required for cell wall synthesis
  • Promotes root growth and yield
  • Protects plants from stress, especially high temperatures and drought situations
  • Increases nitrogen use efficiency.
  • Essential for synthesis of sulfur containing amino acids and is vital for protein synthesis.
  • Activates important enzymes necessary for metabolism of energy and fatty acids.
  • Important for formation of oils and compounds that affect taste and aroma that raise quality of cash crops.
  • Component of Vitamin B1 in cereals and legumes.
  • Important for production of innate plant defense substances.
  • Component of chloroplast protein.
Magnesium sulfate is Ph neutral.
Chemical Analsys:
Magnesium Sulfate Heptrahydrate.................49.0% (typical)
    MGSO4 x 7H2) calculated as MGSO4
Water of Chrystallization (H2O...........................50.9% (typical)
K2SO4, CaSO4, KCl. NaCl.......................................0.1% (typical)


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